"They came in and saved us...they became our village." - John (father, preemie)


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Utah's Premier Nanny Agency

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We provide in home nanny care from birth to 2 years. 


All of our nannies are First Aid and CPR Certified, trained in advanced care techniques, and taught how to nurture your baby in growth and development.

Our nannies take pride in not only caring for your baby, but in supporting your vision of care.

Why hire through us


We create a custom support plan for your family, your needs, and your goals. 

With the focused care of our Infant Care Specialists, we help your baby not only grow, but thrive. Our expert team of nannies, sleep training specialists, newborn care specialists, and family care specialists provide 

for all the ways that you need us. 

Think of us as your Baby and Child Personal Consultant.

We have you covered. 

Team Support


We build your village

so you can relax and enjoy parenthood.

With our team environment, you have built in back-up support and on-call services when needed. 

Instead of relying on a single individual nanny to provide the  support you need, we put together a team that is designed specifically to support your family. 

This includes sleep training and newborn care specialists as needed. 

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Why An Agency


Expert training, exceptional care, and a back-up team of highly trained nannies ensures consistency and quality. 

Hiring a nanny with our agency means that you have access to quality professional care when you need it.

We provide the support of Newborn Care Specialists and Sleep Training Experts as well.  

Specialized Training


Every nanny is trained in advanced care and support techniques. 

We require each nanny to complete a highly recognized training program. 

This ensures that they have mastered all the skills you need for consistent, organized care. 

Infant Care Specialist


An Infant Care Specialist or ICS is a nanny certified in a higher level of skills, expectations, and knowledge. 

Having a nanny is great, having an Infant Care Specialist is like having a child guru!

Support can start as early as birth.

Newborn Support


We offer Newborn Care Specialists, for families as soon as their baby is born. A NCS, or newborn nanny, provides in home care, day and night, while caring for the entire family.

We support you in creating an enjoyable newborn phase filled with a calm newborn, and relaxed well-rested parents.


NCS are specifically training in preemies, high order multiples, sleep training, and other unique family needs.  

Team Support


Knowing that you have remarkable care always brings a deeper level of confidence and relaxation. 

Every family has a Infant Care Specialist, Nanny, or Newborn Care Specialist assigned to them to support their needs so you, as the parent, can focus on returning to work. 

This is the ideal feature we offer for dual-income families, and those needing sleep training.

A Strong Foundation


We care for your baby the way you would - with kindness, purpose, and a desire for your little one to excel.


Each Infant Care and Newborn Care Specialist is passionate about helping your child learn and expand in all areas. We encourage sensory play, reading, sign language and more.  

Each nanny understands that play is learning.

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